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As retailers settle into their new normal following the pandemic, 2022 will be a year when retailers widely adopt in-store tools that were previously thought of as futuristic, while continuing to embrace the digital services that customers have grown accustomed to. Against this backdrop, there are four technology trends that will shape the retail industry in 2022.

With the cost of connected devices going down, this year will see an expanded use of IoT-enabled devices, including in areas such as checkout, but also in newer technologies such as smart shelves and smart shopping carts. The use of IoT devices is also expanding – retailers are increasingly arming employees with wearables to streamline operations and personalize shopping experiences. Modernized checkout experiences will see significant growth in 2022 now that customers’ expectations for convenience have changed post-pandemic. Retailers will invest in technology to modernize checkout experiences including point-of-sale improvements such as mobile and contactless options. The adoption of centralized inventory management will be a priority this year. Whether goods are in a warehouse or in-store, organizations will need accurate, real-time data to be deliver on promises for customers. This will be particularly important given ongoing supply chain woes, with solution that integrate IoT, near-field communication and AI being adopted by retailers. With several high-profile pandemic-era ransomware attacks putting organizations across all industries on high alert, a renewed focus on data privacy will be a priority for many, particularly in retail given the growing scrutiny over how customer data is handled.

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