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Omnichannel” is not just a buzzword. The reality is that 43% of consumers shop online in bed, 20% shop in the bathroom, and 10% shop under the influence. And while the global pandemic has accelerated to shift to e-commerce, customers were already migrating that way before the pandemic hit.

And yet, e-commerce continues to be an afterthought for many brick-and-mortar retailers and brands – even for those with both a physical and digital presence. In-store sales tend to drive the majority of their revenue, and too often e-commerce is tapped into as a bonus benefit.

The reality is that e-commerce presents an unprecedented opportunity, and brick-and-mortar retailers can harness it in a way that other brands can’t, using their retail presence to lift up their e-commerce sales and vice versa. Brick-and-mortar have an advantage over online-only brands because they own an additional consumer touchpoint which increases brand recognition and loyalty. The online store supports its retail presence, and physical stores support its online presence.

Consumer brands that don’t take advantage of their current leg up in the marketplace are missing out on an opportunity, but more importantly, may be left behind as consumers fundamentally continue to shift to online shopping.

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